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Years and years ago, back in the deep, dark recesses of history, before email and texting, there was a time when people communicated by writing words on pieces of paper. When someone wanted to communicate with another person who was at a distance from them, they would put these pieces of paper into an envelope and mail them to the person.

This was before the only mail delivered by the Post Office was junk mail and advertising.

These papers in envelopes were called letters, which was confusingly the same as the word for the letters in the alphabet.

Some letters were personal and some were related to business. There were even different size envelopes for the different kinds of letters.

I can vaguely remember receiving some of those letters, and even writing some.

Many letters were a pleasure to receive, many were memorable. During the summer after I finished college I received a memorable letter. It contained something I had been hoping to receive since I was in third grade.

When I was in third grade I decided I wanted to become a lawyer. I was very impressed with some of the lawyers on television, and I had done my research. I could see that more Presidents of the United States had been lawyers than anything else.

My third grade decision shaped my learning and behavior from then on. I read books and watched movies about lawyers and was excited by the idea of going to court. I studied political science and was pre-law in college. I took the law school admission test and waited to hear.

One summer day I received that letter from the law school I most wanted to attend.

I was accepted!

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