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Almost Rich And Famous

In my early thirties I co-owned a Hip Hop record label with distribution by Interscope Records. This was before Dr, Dre, Suga Knight, No Doubt, and Tupuc. Danny Goldberg, Ted Fields and Jimmy Iovine knew my name and had me on the record industry's VIP - A list. It was a very fun and exciting time. We had several artist signed to our record label. We released five singles that charted in Billboard magazine. We had music video's that played on MTV, VH-1, and BET. I would travel to Hip Hop music conferences and party with the vips from other major record labels. Everything was promising and moving along with great success until the accounts and my partners had a big fight. Mind you I went to work everyday to the big high rise on Wilshire and Westwood Blvd. Where we had fancy luncheons, dressy dinner dates, and Vip everything, everyday was like a party. My kids would sometimes come to work with me just to play video games and have fun all day. Then one day we were told everything was over and we have to move and find new distrbution. Little did we know Jimmy Iovine had closed a deal with Dr. Dre and Suga Knight. A relationship that would change Rap and Hip Hop forever. So we were on our own now and moved to Hollywood where everything died. Some how we manged to keep a few artist and did a deal with Motown Records to distribute our major compilation album "State Of Emergency." Shortly after that we had to fire our staff and go our separate ways. Lucky for me I had a name in the Record Industry as being smart and professional. I was chosen to work at Motown Records to finish our album project. Also to be an executive assistant for the A&R department. Now I had a real hard core 9 to 5 at a historical record label with real artist and major money. I no longer was a partner or co-owner of a company. Yes, things changed at Motown big time. We still had glitz and glamour but we had hard work and long hours. My record label partner secured work with Fox Studio as head of the music department. Eventually I was promoted to the legal department at Motown to clear samples and work on trademarks and copyrights. I worked at Motown until they were sold to Polygram Records and shipped off to New York City. My dream of being a record industry mogul transformed itself into being a successful Yoga Teacher. I learned a lot about people, character and values. I was honoured meet nice people and be safe from the pitfalls of the Record Industry. My record label partners still owes me money. I still have some souvenirs from my record industry days. A platinum record for my work on Boyz to Men album, a really cool leather bomber jacket with a beautiful Hip Hop logo, and a Motown Record collection to die for. No record industry money, fancy house or fame just stories and great memories of how we almost made it. I'm still friends with everyone from our record label everyone managed to land on their feet. Some of them are doing well and still working in the lights, red carpet, camera, action, smile entertainment world. Sometimes my kids will reminisce about those days with a smile and laughter. We have pictures of us in baggie faded jeans, flat top hair cuts without the gold teeth and chains. I still listen to some old school classic hip hop and smile.

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