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Almost White but Not Really

“We’re basically white.”

“I’m basically a white middle-class man.”

The former was said by a white woman of our group of eight, whose genetic pool was indeed largely of European descent. The latter was said by an Asian man to a predominantly white audience.

I know where she was coming from, I know what he meant. Asians as a group don’t face the same prejudices or socioeconomic challenges as those of Latin American, Middle Eastern, or African descent. Throw a rock in any direction in LA and you hit ten mixed race couples consisting of a lanky white guy wearing a cool band t-shirt and an Asian girl with glasses who works in design. I get it. But, you know, I don’t care how non-threatening or assimilated I look to you. Being Asian is not like being white. And I don’t just mean that growing up I took off my shoes before entering the house or that I know where to get the best barbecue in Koreatown. I do not enjoy white privilege and I do not have the white experience.

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