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Argument of last resort

I can’t remember a time when I was not in love with justice.

The idea of fairness has captured my attention since I was young. For many years my strongest response, my argument of last resort, was That's not fair!

My passion for fairness led me to study and practice law.

I do what I can to be as fair as I can. There have been times when people told me I was not being as fair as they would like me to be. My understanding of fairness grows out of whether I can appreciate the reasons someone, including me, is doing something. Motivation is an important part of fairness.

The times I have felt someone was not being fair to me have usually been times when situations when we disagreed about something and they did it their own way. I have, like many people, a strong view of my own opinion, from my own perspective.

The times when I have been most unfair to other people, I think, have been when I was either afraid or reluctant to hurt their feelings. I wanted to avoid causing pain to them. At the same time, I also wanted to avoid dealing with the pain I was going to cause.

Our concept of fairness grows out of our relationships. Communication and honesty are steps toward fairness.

Small farms

I wanted to tell you...