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Background noise

Music is a challenge for me.

I realized a few years ago I did not really care about music. It seemed to me music had become just another distraction.

I wondered when music had become so unimportant. Not wanting to be one of those people of a certain age who feel music was only important because it was created when I was younger, I started asking people why music was important.

One person I knew, who felt strongly about music, offered to send me twelve pieces of music, one each month for a year, to show me how music was still important. The first piece they sent me was an entire album.

I thought it was a practical joke, that they were making fun of me. It took me three tries to actually listen to the whole album. It was the only piece they sent me.

I think music has two main components, the melody or “music,” and the words. The music on this album was very slow and moody. It was supposed to be “thoughtful,” but I heard it as painfully boring. The vocals were primarily done in falsetto, which made the words difficult to understand. There was very little about this music which made me want to listen to it again, much less find it important.

There are a few pieces of music which stir something in me, but not very many. Some of them are connected to significant experiences in my life. Very few of them inspire me because of the music itself.

I can appreciate when someone is an excellent performer on a particular instrument or vocalist. Most of the time, though, music is a background noise for me. Often it is distracting, and sometimes I can tune it out enough to let it go and reflect.

It is difficult for me to think of music which draw me enough that I would be willing to pay for it.

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