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Because I Said So

I have never put much stock in resolutions. Seems silly to resolve to never do something. You get to a certain place in life and you realize how different circumstances may require reactions you may have resolved to never, ever do. I can remember resolving to never just say "because I said so" to our kids. My parents said that to me and I always hated that. Made me feel shut down. But then came the day, when worn down by an exhausting series of questions and demands that I heard myself say "because I said so." And I realized then that as a kid I had probably worn down my parents to the point that "because I said so" seemed like the most reasonable response at the time. It's okay to resolve in theory to never shut down your kids, it even seems like a noble resolution. But in practice it can be challenging. Backing out of the driveway for instance. Hard to do that safely while kids are screeching. But will the kids remember the circumstances that brought me to the point that I was hissing through clenched teeth "because I said so"? Will they remember that I was trying to keep them safe so as not to t-bone another car driving down our street as I back out of our driveway? Probably not until they have their own kids is my guess. Our son likes to critique our parenting in real-time. "I'll never do that to my kids," he resolves out loud. Bwhahahaha, I think.

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