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Born far from home

I feel like I was born far away from my home.

I was grew up outside Edgerton, Wisconsin, a town of 4,000 people in rural Wisconsin. There is one stoplight in Edgerton. The people in Edgerton were, and are, fairly similar. The main diversity in my home town is either between Catholic and Protestant or between people from a Norwegian background and those from a German background.

My life is a series of moves away from Edgerton looking for home. I left town to go to school, in Wisconsin. After school I lived in a couple of other places in Wisconsin. I moved from Madison to Washington, DC for a couple of years, and then to Chicago for a few years.

Moving from Chicago back to Washington was the only time I have moved from a larger city to a smaller one.

After a few more years in Washington, I moved to Los Angeles.

While I have gained lessons from each of the places where I have lived, I have lived in California longer than anywhere else except Wisconsin. I revel in the diversity and inspiration of Southern California. I enjoy the people, most of the time, and have gained the most significant insight into myself.

I have traveled to many places, in the United Sates and in other countries. I think this is my home.

Even with the freeway traffic, the potential of earthquakes, fires, and drought, I am at home here.

If I could live anywhere I chose, I would live in London. Who knows? Maybe someday . . .

: GR