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Boss Yourself Around

While I could be a more obedient citizen, I don’t hate rules. It’s good to exercise self-control when approaching the Express Lane check stand if you have closer to 22 items than 12. It’s can be dangerous to run red lights, though it seems we all still do at least occasionally here in L.A.
There are complex and straightforward rules. The funny thing about rules is that they are, by nature, reductionist and simply what could be complex, rendering it straightforward. Here are some basic rules I know, that just about everyone else I know can also agree on.
Rules: be considerate. Be safe. Wash your hands before you eat. Take a shower if you’re stinky. Don’t harm other people with your body or words. Consider how your actions affect other people, cause they almost always do or will. Say “Good Morning” to loved ones or strangers in the morning. Say “Excuse me,” “Please,” and “Thank you/No thank you,” liberally, to everyone. Basic rules! If you’re invited to somebody’s house, be a gracious guest and don’t show up empty handed: bring something, even something small. Pay it forward for God’s sake! Don’t leave your wet towel on the bed. If you open it, close it. If you turned it on, turn it off. Reciprocate. Be cool. Try your hardest to be patient cause sometime soon YOU will surely be the one who benefits from someone else being patient toward you.

Rules keep people from acting like dicks.

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