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Bush Over A Shrub

Although Bush has not been President for many years I still hold a resentment towards his time in office. I realized that I had a strong sense of justice when he was placed in office. I felt America has been cheated and robbed of what was fair. Bush, his brother and all the cheating with the polling stations broke my heart. I was floored and very very disappointed with the injustice and disrespect to the American people of the United States. I had and to some degree still have an adverse reaction to his name "Bush"
Although what we have now as President is far worse -Trump. For me I realized its all a fucking joke. That all the laws, justice, voting, protesting and government bull is just a joke. So I pray for America, I pray for the values I was taught as a kid about what's right and what's wrong. What's fair and unfair. I hold my heart trusting a higher power to prevail to open some magic porthole for fairness and justice. But, in the mean time I hold the space for what is right in my life and try to respect evolution. I try to respect the karma of America and the history of what was and what will be. May we all find peace and acceptance, no matter what.


The Physics of Slow