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We found an orphaned bluejay chick, too young to feed itself, and slightly injured. It wasn't our first orphan critter, we'd had skunks and raccoons, and too many possums to remember, but he was the smallest and needed the most help.

I have an indifferent relationship with cats. My parents had a cat (Dudley) that they picked up in Italy, years before I was born. Dudley hated interacting with people. If you left him alone, that was fine, but he would not be picked up nor moved from wherever he happened to be. He wasn't a lap cat, either.

Scout was looking for a family to adopt when he found us. His first family lived around the block from us and had recently adopted a black kitten, a development that sent the short-hair white Scout packing. We didn't know where he'd come from or why he'd chosen us. But once we started to feed him, he stuck to us like glue.