All in Farthest Place

I had a secret mission too. I'd stopped by Amnesty International in NY and they'd asked me to check on some rebels who were trying for a peaceful overthrow. My code name?Lois Lane. I swear to God. 

Even the Visa process was bizarre, a hybrid of pre-approval by the consulate, and on-arrival processing, with a fee paid in cash (non refundable, of course) to a Communist Government Official with a brand new iPhone. Hand over your cash, and all your documents, and wait for your name to be called.

Traveling solo cross-country between Chicago and L.A. offered some of the most emotional distance I've experienced in life. I used to do drive-always in college, pairing with a friend or by myself to haul someone's car, and their stuff, from point A to point B. I think I did it 10 or so times ...

The Baghdad airport was no different from Frankfurt or Seoul or Macedonia or or or... Except I couldn't find anyone. No one with my company's logo on their shirt or hat, no one who knew where they might be.