All in Holiday

Where are the white eggs? My husband asks as he leans into the fridge searching the shelves. Ummm.... I forgot to get them. I'm so sorry. Maybe we can use brown eggs? You can't dye brown eggs.

Every year, my parents hosted a Christmas Eve party for dozens of people. Relatives, neighbors, friends, coworkers, anyone was welcome. There was always food and wine and music late into the night. But, right around our usual bedtime, someone would report hearing sleighbells, and strange noises on the roof.

I joke that the Fourth of July in my canyon is Norman Rockwell with booze added. I am a virtual teetotaler, but by 10:30 am (the ostensible parade start time) on Independence Day, I've had at least two mimosas down at Paula and Bill's. Then we gather in front of the bird sanctuary - Rusty Richards the singing cowboy (really - he's in the Cowboy Hall of Fame) is always unofficial grand marshal...