All in Music

You hear the elegant strum of an acoustic guitar, closely miked, right off the bat. The chords are soothing, and like I've heard it described elsewhere, almost akin to a lullaby. The lyrics come in just five seconds later — "Be not so nervous, be not so frail." — and you do, even as an adult, feel that inviting comfort. You're in good hands here.

The fiddle defines this music. Playful, lively, body-swaying fiddle playing. Then her voice joins her hands and commands your attention. The words are lost on me. But the emotion, the joy, is contagious.

I can still remember it. The first time I heard the guitars, jangling in a way that was less "Let's see how much noise we can make" and more "We don't care how much noise we make". I imagine it's how people felt when they first heard punk.

I realized a few years ago I did not really care about music. It seemed to me music had become just another distraction. I wondered when music had become so unimportant. Not wanting to be one of those people of a certain age who feel music was only important because it was created when I was younger, I started asking people why music was important.