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Around me on every side except the left, it's just basic condo walls, circa 1972, when the building was built, mostly kitchen space, and too little of it.... The cabinets are the faux-wood particle board of the time, the laminate peeling from the sun. ... But off to the left, that view. That's why I came here in the first place.

My feet are on the edge of the coffee table, pressed against the dark wood frame that supports the beveled glass tabletop. There's a cold bottle of Paulaner Radler sweating on to a pad of post-its instead of a coaster.

The room where I work is full of light. It has large windows with a view of the neighbors which is partially blocked by the bushes they recently trimmed back.... Even with the trimming, there are still butterflies, hummingbirds, and a few remaining squirrels to distract me. You never know what the neighbors are going to be doing.

I look out the giant picture windows that surround me on three sides. Perched on a point of sandy land surrounded by Katama Bay, I look beyond the barrier beach to the Atlantic Ocean and its pounding surf. Yet I work.