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The fiddle defines this music. Playful, lively, body-swaying fiddle playing. Then her voice joins her hands and commands your attention. The words are lost on me. But the emotion, the joy, is contagious. I wish I were there, sitting on the grass listening to them play this for their friends and admirers, which become the same crowd over time. The three band members are young, eager to connect with anyone drawn to their sounds.

The other instruments are some kind of drums and perhaps a second fiddle. What else is in a Celtic trio? They stomp their feet. It's the steerage dance scene from "Titanic." Or a folk music festival in West Virginia.

We bought the album on iTunes after hearing one song. It didn't disappoint. Tearful, romantic, lonely, old music. Friends hear it and instantly buy it for themselves. Musicians making old songs new again for young ears that haven't heard these songs before. Rebirth. Discovery. Awe.

I wish we still had album covers for vinyl records. I want to study the musicians faces. Learn their names and stories. I'll never learn the names of the songs just listening to the music.

The songs come drifting out of the house next door to stop me in my tracks. Her voice sends shivers down my spin. A wail. The pain pierces my heart. Then a hear her laugh at the end, applause from the concert audience. She gives a little flourish on her fiddle, a thank you to her fans.

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