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I have to admit I am not enthusiastic about initiation.

Part of my lack of enthusiasm is I am not particularly attracted to joining things. Most of the groups in which I feel most welcome have permeable boundaries and do not require extra effort to join.

Initiation also carries the connotation of ceremony. I think getting up in front of those who are already initiated and celebrating what we have all supposedly accomplished is often a waste of time.

For me, initiation is more a product of experience than education. It is typically after I have become initiated that I learn what I need to know to decide whether or not I really want to join. Then there is the entirely extra process required to become uninitiated again.

Another aspect for me is I do not find beginning nearly as motivating as finishing.

I had a fried once who loved starting new projects. She enjoyed the novelty and excitement of new beginnings, then gradually lost interest. She had a lot of difficulty completing things.

I am much more motivated to accomplish goals, achieve results, finish projects. It takes me a lot of energy to start something myself, but I gain momentum as we move along.

I guess I am more of a completer, a closer, than an initiator.

Initiation is just the beginning. All the obstacles are still out there in front of us in the future


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