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Do You Hear What I Hear?

I've come to terms with the reality that fifty percent of our society don't listen. Of course this is my opinion based on my experience. I'm a Fitness Instructor, Life Coach, and Spiritual Consultant, this has been my profession for the past twenty five years. Throughout the course of my life to date, even as a child I would listen. Although there are times when I might talk a little to much or say the wrong things. But, I pride myself on listening. I somehow can hear what people don't say and get to the core of truth. I've learned the hard way to stay attune and follow my inner wisdom. Based on this I've come to terms with we have a huge listening and hearing deficiency When teaching class I see it. When talking from time to time I see it. People hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see and act on or out accordingly. As an instructor in class I will say left and will get about five rights. I will say walk forward and get three backwards. I believe this is happening because we are inundated with sound and distracted by technology or just lazy to listening. We might have a new illness ADD of listening. So my resolution is to stay vigilant to listening, supporting true talk, and to hold the space for what's not begin heard or said. I believe we need to slow down to catch up and clear our minds of the past. Also to open the space to hear ourselves to make space for true listening. Allowing a save place to be heard, while holding a place for authentic wisdom and truth. Hoping to see and hear reality, compassion and love.


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