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Easter Eggs

Where are the white eggs? My husband asks as he leans into the fridge searching the shelves.

Ummm.... I forgot to get them. I'm so sorry. Maybe we can use brown eggs?

You can't dye brown eggs. Don't worry. I'll run get white eggs. And my husband is off to Ralph's. On the counter are the pink marshmallow peeps, multi-colored jelly beans, and speckled chocolate malted bird's eggs from his previous trip to the grocery store. We already had an egg dying kit from last year when he worried he'd forgotten that essential item and mistakenly bought two.

On Easter morning, brightly colored hard boiled eggs with family nick names and initials scrawled on them were waiting for us when we came down to breakfast. We each picked a favorite and the "cracking" started.

The tradition originated in the Eastern Orthodox Church, but our "cracking" reflects my husband's Lebanese father's love of fun. Two people, their eggs firmly in hand, bang the ends of their eggs together. The egg that doesn't crack is the winner. If that egg makes it through a "cracking" with each family member, it is the Champion Easter Egg! We've never maintained enough control for any egg to survive the ritual.

The kids are gone, yet my husband continues to color eggs, emailing them pictures of his handiwork and the two of us cracking eggs together with the jellybeans, chocolate eggs and peeps decorating the table. If they ever return to live in Southern California, it will be the "cracking" that brings them back.


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