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I think I probably got an allowance for mowing the lawn of shoveling the driveway, but that was not really a job. I also helped neighbors who gave me a little money for helping.

The first job I had was as an entrepreneur.

When I was in high school, the school had bought a large supply of fancy folders with the school colors and a code of behavior, I think, printed on the inside. They had given each student on folder at the beginning of one year and tried to sell the rest.

The school had sold very few of the many remaining folders. My best friend and I came up with the idea of buying set numbers of folders from the school at a discount and selling them to our fellow students.

We talked with the principal and negotiated our deal. I think we put up a poster, before social media, and began selling folders. We did well, buying additional discounted sets of folders. The red folders became popular and reinforced school spirit.

We also came up with the idea of selling folders at the junior high, which was also a good source of sales.

Sometimes I wonder how many of those original folders are still in the storeroom at the high school.