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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Everything matches, almost.

Sunlight. Sunlight, streaming in through lace curtains. Three tall windows that swing open over pink lantana bushes. Latches painted so many times they barely close. The slanted ceiling soars up to 6 dormer windows, which let different light and different shadows--eastern and western--fall across the grey carpet.

Everything matches, almost. Four-poster bed, tall dresser, nightstand, desk under bronze sconces. Its family of scroll feet and pineapple motif that has lived in the room for as long as my dad had lived in the house. But then, the interlopers: a huge velveteen armchair with ugly orange and gold flowers, piled with stuffed animals, and a low, dark bookcase stacked 2 rows deep. On the bed, between pillows printed with pastel hearts, Miss Bixby Bear, missing her bonnet.

The only orderly room

Brothers and bunk beds