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The part of my body which has gotten me into the most trouble, and may be most interesting, are my eyes.

Complete strangers have told me I have eyes which see everything. I have been told I have the devil in my eyes and a twinkle which looks like trouble.

Our eyes may be the window of our soul. My eyes apparently tell people I have hidden depths.

I like the fact my eyes are blue. I am good at making eye contact, and can raise my eye brow when I am skeptical. I also have a tendency to roll my eyes when I am not buying whatever someone is trying to sell.

When I was practicing law as a criminal prosecutor my eyes were good at conveying questions and making people feel guilty. My eyes can be intimidating when I want them to be.

My eyes are expressive, whether they are communicating skepticism, fatigue, frustration, or excitement. They also smile, get weepy, and close in thought.

My eyes are good at reading people and situations.

My eyes are a strength, though if part of my body is going to give me away it will probably be my eyes.

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