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40 Days & 40 Writes is its first project.

Full of Light

The room where I work is full of light.

It has large windows with a view of the neighbors which is partially blocked by the bushes they recently trimmed back. I can read the screen of my computer and look out the windows at the same time. Even with the trimming, there are still butterflies, hummingbirds, and a few remaining squirrels to distract me. You never know what the neighbors are going to be doing.

Behind me is a large closet with sliding doors covered in mirrors. These reflect and enhance the light from the windows, and make video conversations more interesting. Next to the image of me talking is a series of smaller images of me from the reflection of the screen in the mirror.

There is a stark contrast between day and night in the room where I work. Daytime is bright, and often quite warm. At night there is light from only one small lamp on my desk, along with the computer screen.

The furniture is dark wood, including bookcases along one wall.

As I write, the light and the dark in the room fade into the background as I focus my attention on the screen.

Small Accumulations