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Gray(ed) Anatomy

It's been shoulder length (circa 1980s, maybe a post hair-band influence?). 

It's been just shy of a crew cut (some job pursuit thing, or was it high-school swim team?).

It's been one with sideburns (1970s, grammar school, photos all destroyed, I hope).

Now it's shortish and graying or whitening or some such ing. And while I'll wait about a decade to make a final determination about how I feel about it, per past practice, so far I'm kinda OK with my hair, its current color, and style.

It's still brown, maybe a medium to dark hue on the color spectrum, but over the past 4 to 5 years, I've gotten a decent run of white/gray interspersed. But, again, I'm OK with that.

Because I've got hair. And a great many of the men on my dad's side of the family don't. And they haven't for a long time. Many of my cousins were working full or near-complete baldness in their 30s. Some had the receding hairline in their 20s. Some still do the overcompensation thing with goatees or other facial hair.

So on a scale of aging, I'm going to embrace having hair. I'm going to be cool with the nuances the gray and white have brought, and I'm going to continue appreciating that if there's one trait I'll carry from my dad (aka the Silver Fox), it's aging gracefully in the dome area.

The texture of my hair, notably, comes from my mother. She and I share the characteristic of having super-soft hair, something that's been remarked upon since childhood and, thankfully, been a source of enjoyment for the women I've shared my life with as partners. So we'll call that a win.

Along the path of my life, my hair has reflected the times but perhaps not any overarching style desire on my part. It's flexible to change on occasion, and I'm OK with mixing it up with product from time to time. I'm especially grateful that I've had great stylists (thank you, Jamie!) who steer me in the right direction and away from anything too of the moment.

I'm glad my hair is an attribute that others notice and enjoy. I like that it reflects a bit of my mom and my dad.

I'm really happy it's all still there.

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