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Home Is Where The Heart Is

I often envy people who come from a small or intimate home town. Although the stories that are often told seem scary. Only because it sounds hard if your self expression is different from the town folk. I've heard some great beautiful stories and not so great stories about small town living. I know for me if I would have grew up in a small town I would have been an outcast. I live in a big city and who I am and my point of view is so different even big city folk thinks I'm strange. But, I can't help my imagination from running wild allowing a fantasy to unfold. I could see myself as the town healer. Everybody would come to see me from far and near. I would live on the edge of town deep in the woods in a beautiful house, with lots of strange trees near a lake where the fog would rise at night. Town folk would love me and tell me all their secrets. I would prescribe herbs and tonics to heal folks. Some would even bring their kids to see me. I would hold the space with love and compassionate for all strange and outcasted. I would quietly but loudly be the shero of my small town.


Almost White but Not Really