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Somewhere, in a parallel universe, my family is rolling in dough.

But not in this one.

My general rule on advice is to avoid doling it out unsolicited, and to seek the wisdom of others with the awareness that people have their own baggage.

So when I used to suggest that my parents invest in something — not because they were seeking my keen financial insights into the market but because something cool came up in conversation — I sometimes wondered later what might have happened if, say, that passion about a young company like Apple had translated into an actual purchase of stock. Or what would have come of my instincts about an entertainment company like Viacom before it became a behemoth, or the cable company, Charter, thought had merit when it was tiny and had great customer service.

I didn't have the money to make anything of those gut feelings, and my parents were either too risk averse or didn't feel the same passions, so those bets were never placed. And I'll never know what rung on the socioeconomic ladder we might have leapt to had those investments been made.

But, like I said, in a parallel universe, big bucks. Maybe.

I'll keep that advice to myself, though.

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