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It is not too late

Hope has been challenging for me lately. Wild hope may be the only hope I have left.

In many ways, hope is my focus this year. The last few years have felt like a lot of struggle and disappointment, and I have been discouraged. My intention for this year is to develop hope again.

There are two parts of my life in which I am working on on hope. I hope to find a way to make a sustaining and sustainable living. I also hope to become more physically heathy.

It has been seven years since I decided to set myself up in practice as a spiritual director and coach. I have worked with several people on marketing and finding clients, but the things which have been promised have not come to fruition.

Beginning earlier this year, my blog has been distributed by the spirituality channel of My hope is between the disciple I have learned there and Birds in a Barrel, I will be ready to begin writing a book which could generate more income and attract more clients.

My second hope is losing some weight, bringing my numbers down, and feeling good. I hope to rid myself of medication by exercising more effectively and eating a more healthy diet.

Maybe my underlying hope is it is not too late. A conversation with a friend last week encouraged me there is still plenty of time, it still matters what I do. Lack of hope has been dragging me down lately. I have verged on hopelessness, on giving up hope.

I am hoping that, looking back on this year, it will be a turning point.

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