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"It's The Little Things That Count"

Kindness is big on my list. I was taught to be kind first and respect yourself always. When I was ten years old I would have to walk pass Mrs. Smith's house everyday. Mrs. Smith was an elderly lady who sat on her front porch all the time. I would wave to her because she waved at me. One day she asked me to come closer so she could meet me. Every school day after that day I would sit with her. She taught me how to crochet and knit. Something I still do today after forty years. In fact my crochet skills have been a great gift to my life. I've made a nice sum of money by crocheting hats, vest and other stylist things. Sometimes Mrs. Smith and I would sit in silence crocheting and smiling. I guess it was just that Mrs. Smith wanted company and to share a little time with someone else. Every time I start a crochet project I think of Mrs. Smith and the gift she gave me. I felt honor to give a little of my time for a gift that has fed my life with joy and pleasure.

Small Things

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