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Ivory Tower

I'd followed the path laid out for me after graduating J-school. I had interned as a fact-checker at the LA Times magazine, in the special issues section at the Hollywood Reporter and then as a reporter at the LA Times in the entertainment section. It wasn't too long after I'd begun a trial stint at the Hollywood Reporter, that I was offered a job as an editor at Variety. It hadn't even been two years, and I'd met my career goals. Soon after, Variety purchased a trade magazine focused on post-production, and kept its owner as the lead editor. He was pretty frail, a retired film editor, respected by his peers, but with no journalism experience, and I was brought on to keep him on track. That didn't last long and he was swiftly replaced by a smooth talking Hollywood scion of a producing family. He was gross...he'd kept his side job selling editing hardware and would attempt to sell his products when we were out together to meet post-production units at the various studios. When I complained the to the publisher, I was told that I was in an Ivory Tower and to keep my mouth shut. I quit on the spot. I was instructed to pack up my belongings and was escorted out the door. Within a week, I was back at my old desk at the Hollywood Reporter.

Gold Star Lady

Keep a Grip on Safety