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Jedi Masters Student

I've been under a lot of emotional stress and seem to take all of this with me in my sleep state. I can feel myself fighting with the rules of my dream landscape and the content within my altered reality. As I call it the world behind my eyes. So for the past four nights I've struggled with myself to get comfortable to sleep. I fight with the stress in my body to surrender to just relax and let go. So I've chosen a different path to slumber. I've given myself permission to meet inspiring individuals in my dream state. My favorite and most stressful one was with Obi Wan Knobi from Star Wars. I'm running to get on the Millennial Falcon to go home. About thirty feet away and I fall down in the deep red sand. I'm so nervous, then I remember I'm with the Jedis. Pull myself together, I tell myself I'm dreaming. I take a deep breath and stand tall in that moment Obi Wan wands his hands over me, the sand falls from my body. I could feel the power of the force run thru out my body. I enjoy the energy running thru my body and the healing force behind it's warmth. In my mind I say thank you Obi Wan you're my only hope.

That Dress