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Keeping awake

I do not really remember my dreams.

Of course, now I am anxious about that.

If I were a better person and remembered my dreams, I would have something much more interesting to write about.

Maybe it is even worse than that. What if it is not just I do not remember dreams, but I do not dream at all? I think that means I have some really serious emotional problems. Probably even a psychosis.

That is really something to be anxious about.

I was hoping, until this morning, I was becoming less anxious.

Most of my anxiety, I think, comes from an insecurity about not being perfect. I am an oldest child, and an only son, born at Christmas time. A lot of my life has been about being expected to be perfect.

With experience and some dramatic mistakes, I have become less anxious about the fact I am not perfect.

I do not think I dream about anxiety very often, and do not remember it when I do. For me, anxiety is more about keeping me awake than about my dreams.

I  Don't Dream I Sleep

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