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How we keep score

Our society is based in competition. Money is how we keep score.

We were born when we started a revolution because we thought people were taking our money unfairly. We fought a civil war because some people wanted to start their own country rather than pay the people who worked for them. Money is an essential, fundamental element of what our country means.

We live out those values on a personal level. Money is how we keep score.

More money is better. It means we are making progress, getting ahead. Less money means we are falling behind.

Money shows us what we value. We appreciate professional athletes and movie stars, who can make more money for others, more than preschool teachers or health care.

Our budgets, personally and politically, are the primary statements of our values and priorities.

We are afraid of running out of money. People spend their lives working to make money because they do not know whether they have enough.

Money is the addiction which feeds all our other addictions.


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