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Know Your Limits

I like to think of my self as a kind person. I'm always willing to support or share information. There was a time when I had to teach a Yoga class in West Hollywood eight thirty pm to ten pm. I taught this class for three years. Mind you this is the last class of the night at a gym that closes at eleven pm. The class would have fifteen to twenty people every Monday night. I was also working a nine to five job in Century City Monday thru Friday. It was hard sometimes because I had a private yoga class the next morning at six thirty am. I had a co-worker who worked late also on Monday nights. I would see him in passing before and after class. We would chat from time to time and laugh about the late hours. Little did I know my co-worker didn't have a car. So one heavy rainy Monday night I offer him a ride home. Also on this night my son calls and needed a ride home from his job. I'm now the taxi driver, this is long before Uber. I live twenty one miles one way from the Gym. I had no idea how far my co-worker lived. It was easy to pick up my son because he was in Glendale which I had to pass on the way home. The rain is cold with a heavy wind so intense that the Gym door flies open as we are leaving. The escalator is down so we have to take the stairs thru the rain to get to my car. Which is parked in what I call middle earth down stairs on the fifth floor. I still have not asked my co-worker where he lives to get clear about my drive. Once settled in the car ready to spiral up the ramp to exit, my co-worker tells me he lives in Venice near the beach. This drive is now going ten to fifteen miles in the opposite direction where I live and where my son is. I'm in too deep to say no or to suggest another option for him to get home. It's ten thirty on a Monday night driving in heavy rain and wind away from where I live. I get my co-worker to his apartment in Venice. He exits my car without a thank you or appreciation. I'm feeling bad for my son who is waiting for me at the closed Glendale Mall because of my kindness. My intention was to support a co-worker in the rain. What I received was a long drive on a rainy night and sadness from my son who had to wait for me. The following Monday night my co-worker asked if I could drive him home again. I proudly said no sharing my hurt feelings about his attitude from last Monday. Also expressing how I drove in the rain and didn't get home until 12 midnight. The lesson I learned about intentions, support and gratitude is paramount today. I ask lots of questions before I jump all in.



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