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Laws Of Karma

I'm a firm believer that what you put out there comes back some how some way. it good bad or indifferent. So my mind is always on following the rule of the universe. However there are times when you just want to be an asshole like everybody else. You just want to be as rude and nasty as the person who disregards your time and space. So my rule breaking had a big twist. I'm in line at the super market and there is a basket in front of me without a customer. So I move it out of line to the side. Now there are two people behind me so now the missing customers basket is three people back. It's my turn to cash out but the cashier closes the line and beckons all of us to move to the next line. As we are moving, here comes the missing person whose basket I moved. Not only does she get to go before us because I placed her basket in the right place. The cashier announces she is the winner of the day to receive a twenty five dollar gift card. And, now I have four people in front of me to check out. Right about now my head is ok you started all of this by trying to be an asshole and teach someone a lesson about leaving the line without acknowledgement or approval, or maybe a lot of entitlement. My lesson was not to judge, stay in my lane and don't try to be an asshole.

Following the Rules