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I had to drive from the UFCW 770 worker’s center back to SAJE around noon. Normally I do not notice much about the outside world while I am driving because I am just way too busy doing other things (texting, reading, eating, etc..) One of these days I will have an accident, although so far most of my near misses have ironically not involved so-called distracting behavior at all, just normal in-car behavior like looking out the window or changing the radio station.

In the car is not really outside. I am hardly ever outside during the week. Apparently it was hot today, I had no idea.

I like driving in South LA because everything there is very low key - no awful strip malls or flashy billboards - just a lot of little corner stores, houses, taquerias, that kind of thing.

In contrast, I was out on the street in Hollywood around nine, and since it’s Friday it was busy, and even though Amoeba Records is kind of cool it was still just not doing it for me. Too much flash and money and people looking stressed even though they’re supposed to be having fun, and no one really stopping to look at anything except the homeless people watching the big TVs that play outside the CNN building all the time.

Flaring Up and Blowing Over

Homecoming Parade