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Music "123 Forever"

It is maybe not helpful detail to describe the song as Icelandic. Because what does that even mean? If you are thinking quirky and intense, then -- yes -- it’s Icelandic.

The music begins some light, pretty tones that rock back and forth and then a dominant line of melody comes in to boldly and slowly lead the song around. Another set of notes come in, these more keyboard-y. They hold steadily, traveling up and down steps, sometimes with a quick little slide up or down the scale. Yes, those different melodies move around each other, building and rising until they achieve harmonics that feel dynamic -- fuzzy and vibrating.

About a minute in, a robotic voice slowly delivers “1, 2, 3 Forever.” Light drums comfortably come in, perhaps ticking like a clock. The lyrics are simple and repetitive. The song seems to start covering some distance with this new good beat added.

The feeling is hopeful and optimistic. A galactic anthem! The robotic sounds have me thinking that robots could sing this song forever and that human voices are so very temporary.

The song adds and removes layers, and overall it keeps building volume and pressure. There are beeping sounds that come in as if they performing some engine maintenance on this song in progress, keeping it running smoothly. It sounds like organ and keyboard, but it feels like this song would be really good with horns.

Toward the end the speed really starts giving some lift. It’s then totally soaring, feeling free and and strong. It’s so on its way it just disappears into the sky like a spaceship.


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