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My father's mother was a Christian Scientist

My father's mother was a Christian Scientist. I never found out why; no one in the rest of the family seemed to be, and she wasn't particularly evangelical about it, so neither my father not his sister remained in the church as adults. I went to occasional Christian Science services with her as a child, and all I remember is being bored. And no one tried to sell me on it. She was, in every other way, just like every other woman of her generation in my extended family, which only makes her religion more baffling.

She died while I was in college. Her funeral was sort of dual-parted -- there was a Christian Science service that not even my father attended, and a Rom family service-slash-party that was somewhat more than she would have approved of. It wasn't quite a wake, but it wasn't boring. It was the last time I saw a lot of my cousins, but I can say that about nearly every family gathering. Between travel, out-family requirements, and... let's say "other issues", there's always someone who isn't at something.

As far as I know, my grandmother treated me the same as her other, fully Rom, grandchildren, unlike much of the rest of my family. But I didn't even notice most of that for a long time, either. I try not to think about it too much. I'd rather not remember her any other way.