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Oddball AMs

These days I wake up without an alarm because usually there is a young nephew making a thumping sound down the hall. But it's also because I don't have anywhere to be early. I will check my phone for the time and then scan Email/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/etc. to see what I’m waking up to. If it’s cold I will stay under the covers as long as possible, sometimes all under, fogging up the screen.

I'll add a sweatshirt and sandals to my pajama situation, creating an oddball ensemble, before heading downstairs to see if anyone might still be here at the house. I will try to say hi to my nephews, who will be semi-responsive. Oftentimes the house is already clear but the kettle will still be warm.

I usually make my coffee by grinding my beans using a hand-grinder and then brewing by pour-over. Breakfast lately but has been a baked oatmeal muffin puck, a thing that is delicious and has decent texture. Having a regular breakfast thing that doesn't require any decisions really helps for a good start.

Mornings are beautiful, even the gray ones are OK because there is so much potential for a day. Self control is often highest for me and so if I've got some regular tasks to do, they can get done. Or, if I need to focus on something, I have the best chance. Also, it’s a fresh time to check in with myself, my goals and whatever else is swirling around in my. If I’m not too absorbed by the internet, I like to write in my journal. I used to write daily, but now it's more like every other day or so.

This current -- non-preferred -- routine has me wanting to fit in good things like stretching but then I'll get distracted by something on the internet. I'll monitor the time but usually it'll get to 10-15 minutes before I'm to leave and I'll panic and get ready.

My mornings lately are not living out what I've learned mornings can be. A little more of this AM focus I claim to have could help turn them around. Maybe I can make it just a little better tomorrow.


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