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Palm up

My hands look older than the rest of me. The veins pop up on their backs, unlike any other part of my body. The lines in the skin on my hands are not deep, but there are more of them, so many more of them. At my wrist, the wrinkles and veins fade to just plain old skin. Nondescript.

But on the back of my hands, yuck. The veins are blue, knotted string thick enough to tie a package. They connect my fingers to my wrist, wrapping around my hand, over my bones and tendons. Like my wrist, my fingers emerge from this gnarly mess, unsullied. Just plain, old skin.

I should always introduce people to my hands palm up. Baby soft. White. The only wrinkles are the creases at my knuckles and the life lines that tell my fortune. I could be a nubile 20 year old, palms first. But how?

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