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Peacocks Are Great on a Monday

I live near a facility that protects wildlife and rare flowers. Although this place is about ten miles from my house the Peacocks are out and about when it's their season. I believe they procreate twice a year, around fall and spring. Therefore, twice a year I get to enjoy the presence of their company in my front yard and or on the roof of my house. When I'm having a trying morning with a strong protest against leaving my house for the work week. It's a pleasure to see the natural order of nature out and about. I'm always amazed by their beauty and aggression. I was surprised by how many young female birds ie Peacocks there were in this very large gathering in my front yard, as I backed out of my drive way on Monday. I stopped my car for about five minutes to enjoy their grace and focus. It was amazing how intense they were gathering early morning feed from the grass that was wet from morning dew. I smiled thinking about how blessed I am to have such a gift from nature on a dreaded Monday morning going off to work. I felt honored and blessed by the universe to gaze on the beauty and truth of nature. I drove to work still mesmerized by the vast colors of the one large male Peacock hoping they would be there to meet me again next Monday morning.

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