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Rembo Brite

Meet Remy. She almost certainly will want to meet you. Extroverted to a fault, Remy is an expiring American ex-patriot who will find a way to relate to all your stories and will laugh wildly—and genuinely—at your jokes. She’s curious, flirtatious, and has more fun than most of the rest of my friends put together. We met half a lifetime ago on a surf trip to Baja through UC Santa Cruz. She was wearing silver eye shadow at the introductory meeting and announced that she was a complete beginner “kook” but promised to make up for it with “gusto.” She was a competitive gymnast her whole young life and retains her tendency to spontaneously tumble. Once Remy passed a sobriety test on the side of Highway 1 up north after performing three back walkovers after she had been pulled over. “Officer,” she beamed from the bike lane, “If I were intoxicated, could I do this?” (She reported later that she actually had been drinking and was tipsy at the time.) Remy is blonde, is famous for her big ass, and is always tan and muscular. She’s radiant, usually wearing something bright/shiny/revealing, and yet will only sport practical shoes. Shoes so practical they are almost geriatric. Long ago Remy shattered her heel jumping off a cliff into a swimming hole with one of her boyfriends. Her foot pain has followed her despite three surgeries and two decades. She seldom complains about it, but walks on the ball of her foot when she is barefoot on the sand, which is often. Basque in origin, inordinately learned about the human body, and self proclaimed “Friend to All Critters,” Remy was voted “Most Original” in high school. She has an impressive wig collection and a quiver of protein powders. She is a nurse practitioner with a recent degree from UCSF. Not easy! But Remy makes just about everything she undertakes look easy; one of her many nicknames is a cross between “Rambo” and “Rainbow Brite:” “Rembo Brite.” You’ll know you’re talking to her if you feel swept up in something exciting. She exemplifies the exact opposite of the idea that if you’re bored you’re boring to be with. Remy’s captivating because she is captivated. Her sunshine is contagious.

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