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Reminders we have healed

It is easy to think of a scar as a disfigurement, a mark where we have been injured. We may think of a scar as where we used to be perfect or beautiful, but now are blemished.

I have plenty of scars, visible and invisible. Some scars mark my skin or internal organs where I have had surgery. There are scars where I have injured myself by being careless or forgetful. Some of my scars are essentially unnoticeable, even though the injuries which produced them bled dramatically.

I have emotional or psychological scar tissue which is even harder to see.

The thing I have recognized about scars is there are really two ways of looking at them. In some ways, scars are the marks we have because we have been hurt or sick. They can become our flaws and remind us of our imperfections.

Seen from another perspective, scars are reminders we have healed. They may not be there to remind us we have been less than perfect, or to be more careful. Each of my scars is a reminder I have survived my mishaps and have healed.

I have an almost invisible mark on the palm of my right hand from trying to break my fall as a lawn chair was collapsing underneath me. I was meeting my girlfriend’s family for the first time, visiting their house, when I tore a piece out of my hand on the corner of the chair. It bled quite a bit and I went into shock, insisting everything was fine. I never got any stitches, or tetanus. It was painful, but not the most painful thing that happened to me in that relationship.

Each scar I have is a place where I have healed. Each of them has a story to tell. I can see and share the humor in some of those stories, but not in all of them. Each story has lessons for me which shape how I appreciate its scar.

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