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Righteous Spirit

Growing up I was a called "Tom Boy" because I climbed trees, rode my bike everywhere and played sports with the boys. In fact most of my friends were boys. Despite this label I continued just to be myself. I liked what the girls liked, even had a crush on one of the boys I hung out with. I had cute dresses, teddy bears, jewelry and other girly stuff. However makeup was and still is hard for me to I believe we wear the true expression of our soul. Judging a person because of genders limits the potential of who they are, and the gifts they offer. I believe we have too many judgements and limited awareness of what is great about the spirit within all of us. Gender is not the measurement of a person's being. The expression of their "Soul" is of greater value in my book. Most of all what type of consciousness do you have. I'm with lyrics by Prince..."Make Sure Your Soul Is Alright"

"Gender is fake!"