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Small farms

I need to better understand the details. I haven't read the Farm Bill. But this much I know, or at least I think I know: fruit and vegetable farmers do not enjoy the same federal supports that commodity crop farmers enjoy. It isn't fair. And I don't know why.

Talk to the small fruit and vegetable farmers at the farmers market and they will bend your ear about the unfair farm support system. Sure, the current insurance system is better and more equitable than the old cash support system. But is it fair? No!

Commodity crop farmers get cushy seed deals from the big agri-chemical companies. The farm bureaus are set up to help the commodity crop farmers, leaving fruit and vegetable growers to figure things out for themselves.

And the whole world knows we need to be eating more fruits and vegetables! Think of the obesity crisis! We are eating ourselves to death with corn and grain. And the damn federal government plays favorites with those boys while the little guys growing the good stuff make do with crumbs.

And organics, don't get me going. With demand soaring, we are importing organic food from China, where they could care less about standards. And what help do America's organic farmers get? Well, it isn't enough to make a small organic farm work. It isn't fair.

Now, I don't know the details. But I've talked with enough people. I know the feds are playing a cozy game with Big Ag and it's got to stop. We need to fix our broken food system and get clean, good food into everyone's hands. It's not fair.

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