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Something in the Room

There is a picture on the wall of my dining room that I have been looking at, off and on, for as long as I can remember. It’s a poster from Sears. If you took it off the wall and looked at the back you’d see a sticker that describes it as “a fine art reproduction.” Most people think it’s a real painting.

It has a weird stain in the middle of it - it looks like someone spilled a drink down it.

In the painting, someone is riding a white horse down a sun dappled lane. There is a house with a stone wall on the left hand side, and flowers peek over the top of the wall. A couple of people, one in a red shirt, walk along the side of the road towards the rider but the painting is taken up mostly by trees, maybe big elms, but it’s hard to tell because the painting is impressionistic and the images are all slightly blurred.

The frame is around three inches thick, decorated with little ovals that run in a border around the frame.

Berkeley Squirrels