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Still Monday.

This morning was slightly different than a typical Monday, since I wasn't working but my husband was supposed to work from home. The alarm went off just before 7, as usual. The cat jumped on the bed and demanded breakfast. Also as usual, we ignored her, and hit the snooze button. She snoozed with us, as she always does.

James eventually got up and went through his morning checklist. I stayed under the covers, listening to NPR and skimming through my email. This is how I start most mornings, just earlier and with more focus on the day ahead.

Instead of running downstairs to feed the cat and grab a cup of coffee before my shower, I started some laundry and picked up our room a little. I finally made my way down, tripping over a very annoyed cat. Once she was satisfied, I threw together some breakfast for us-- yogurt, honey, strawberries, granola. This was a real departure. Most weekdays, because I'd rather sleep than eat, I grab a granola bar and a fresh cup of coffee on the way out the door.

I curled up with my book while James worked in his pajamas on the couch. After 2 cups of coffee and several chapters, I showered and dressed, in my typical always-longer-than-expected way:

Very hot shower, for a very long time. Look at the clock and panic. Start getting dressed. Dart to the laundry closet to find the right socks or t shirt or jeans in the dryer. Half blow dry my dripping hair. Finish getting dressed. Stare indecisively at my jewelry stand. Wonder about shoes. Finish blowdrying. Add jewelry. Change shoes. Brush my teeth. Remember my makeup kit is in the car or at the office or in my still-packed suitcase. Grab my purse, a few snacks, and run for the car. Check waze to see how close I've cut it while waiting to turn out of the driveway.

Today, though, instead of facing an hour long commute to the office, I got to meet a friend for lunch.

Two Bowls and a Venti Cup of Mindfulness