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Stop Sniffing! (sniff)

As a kid, I can remember becoming incredibly annoyed by the sound of my mother's swallowing. It's not like she chewed with her mouth open or ate sloppily. But the sound of her swallowing would drive me up the wall! I also couldn't stand the sound of my dad clearing his throat. I broke up with a boyfriend whom I truly loved because I couldn't bear the thought of marrying someone who chewed with his mouth open. I have never said anything to anyone whose sounds bother me. I know it's me. I even think I inherited my condition from my father. I remember once when my little brother, who suffered with very bad allergies,was sniffling, my dad just lost it. "Stop sniffing" he shouted. And then my dad sniffed. Loudly. And we all laughed. I know I'm overly sensitive. Unfortunately, when I was taking the SATs, the girl next to me was snapping her gum. It was a struggle to concentrate. Even listening to Howard Stern on the radio, his sidekick Gary...the sound of the phlegm in his throat when he talks...OH MY GOD! MAKE IT STOP! A co-worker eating carrot sticks? ARGH! I don't how I realized that maybe I could diagnosed with a condition, but I decided to Google it. Turns out I'm "on the misophonia scale." Who knew that was a "thing"?


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