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The Disadvantaged

There is plenty of injustice in the world, plenty that isn't fair.

I've never been on the receiving end of the imbalance, though.

Because I'm a white male, and I was born in the U.S.

When I was a kid and I heard my father and my uncles rail against affirmative action and the perceived slight that quotas were threatening the jobs of white men who were, in their view, being pushed aside to create opportunities for (again, in their view) less-qualified minorities, it sounded unfair.

When I heard relatives inveigh against public policies that posted signs in government offices in multiple languages, or saw schools teaching in tongues other than English, when so many prior generations had arrived and been forced to assimilate, it sounded unfair.

But it's bullshit. Because to be white in America is to have every door open to you. And to be a white male in America is to have advantage in nearly every scenario.

It's never knowing the possibility that a random traffic incident might end in confrontation, threat, or death.

It's never appreciating that you're assessed when walking into a space by your color, your look, your ethnicity as a perceived threat.

So, yes, I've seen plenty that's unfair in this country. But I've seen, heard and read about it in regards to other people. Never myself.


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