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The only orderly room

When I was a child the only orderly room in our house was my bedroom.

It contained quite a few things I did not choose, including a large freezer, a large dresser, and a locked gun rack.

The pieces I remember include a desk built by one of my uncles, a bulletin board and book shelves on the walls, and the bed my father had slept in when he was growing up. I went through quite a few phases of decor, including the Green Bay Packers, the space program, surfing, and even 7-up.

I had an unfinished closet which included one side of the brick chimney for our furnace, and two windows.

My room became my sanctuary where I could go to read and listen to music. I could escape everything else, close the door, and be by myself. I did my homework there, and learned many of the lessons which shaped who I was.

I felt safe there.

Doll Jail

Everything matches, almost.