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The Pink Chair

There's a chair in here. It's made of handcrafted bent metal tubing. It's a bright, cheery, salmon color and has a geometric starburst shape on its back. It normally costs $480, but I got it on sale for $240. That is approximately $40 more than the most expensive piece of furniture I own.

I bought it to be a new desk chair, in the hopes that I would actually use my desk, but its arms are too high and won't fit underneath, so now I need a new desk. Right now this chair is a clothes hanger, like every other chair I've owned that somehow manages to reside in my bedroom.

I feel horribly guilty having spent so much money on a chair. To offset this feeling, I aim to sit in it everyday, but I don't. It is pretty, and makes me think about how less than pulled-together the rest of my space is: the proverbial hot person who makes everyone else around them feel ugly.

I bought it because the company that made it, Bend Goods, had a sample sale, and the pink of the chair looked so pretty against the turquoise of the swimming pool behind it. Plus the owner said it was one-of-a-kind.

I've walked past restaurants downtown and seen through the windows that they have this same chair, but in gold. I wonder if they managed to get a bulk discount or if they spent $25,000 dollars on chairs.

It is a good chair. It's surprisingly comfortable, given its austere frame, and fits my ass just perfectly. Yet as I write this, I see the two bras hanging from its arm and I think, "it deserves better than this."

I really need to get a new desk ... or a new life.

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