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The rhythm of walking and breathing

It feels good to get outside and stretch my legs.

The temperature is not too hot, but it will be hotter later today. There is haze around the mountains.

Traffic is already getting busy. Drivers are distracted. Pedestrians take their lives into their own hands when they are crossing the street, even in a crosswalk and with the walk light.

I try to walk while the sidewalks are not as crowded. Not as many bicycles, skateboards, and strollers compete for space as will in a little while. There are no groups of kids going to school. People tend to walk their dogs later.

People who walk now can take their time. The air is still fresh. Flowers and trees spread their aromas. The smells of a few restaurants making breakfast allow me to almost taste it.

The main sound is traffic, with the occasional helicopter and the distant, regular sound of the Gold Line.

Walking is good exercise, especially for my imagination.

My mind can relax while my body is working. I can contemplate writing topics, and my memory can find all those things which have fallen to the bottom of the pile. I need to make that call and send that email.

I enjoy the rhythm of walking and my breathing while I walk. It is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. I have opportunities to remember the past and look ahead to the future.

In between, the rhythm of walking and breathing draw my attention to the present moment.

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